In Ecuador, site (EOUG) decided to do something for beginners who want to learn to work with Oracle databases. After thirty days, will publish articles on installation and commissioning of the Oracle server on Redhat Linux 5.1 32-bit. Articles are in English with many screenshots. I think that for someone it can be very beneficial. Would something like this was even here. On the czech site Oracle User Group (COUG) you can find the latest news from 1.1.2007 – a great pity.

[Česká verze článku – “Indiáni” učí instalovat Oracle na Linuxu]

The first two articles, “a series of Ecuador” can be found at the following addresses:

  1. Day 1: Installing Oracle Database 11g on Red Hat Linux 5.1 (32 bits)
  2. Day 2: Creating an Oracle Database 11g


  1. Twitter – @paolapullas
  2. Czech Oracle User Group –

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